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What makes us different from other Asphalt Contracting companies?
We strive to make a connection with each client. Our goal is to develop a sense of loyalty based on our paving knowledge and delivery of our product. Our clients know we will give them the best options possible for their situation, and we will be here for them when they need us to help maintain their investment.
We’re local, and we go the extra mile serving best asphalt services.

Roads & Driveways

Australian Asphalt contracting Pty Ltd has maintained miles of roads and driveways. We create long lasting and reliable relationship with our clients. All the professional and dedicated team will put their full effort to meet your need. The equipment while repairing or paving of roads and driveways are top quality.


Car parks, Sports Courts

When it comes to any need of the asphalt products in the Sydney area, Australian Asphalt Contracting has been the first choice of the clients because of the quality of the service we serve them. We assist our clients in getting the best car parks/ sports courts including the asphalt, concrete and other asphalt materials.


Machine / Handlaid asphalt

Besides various services provides by Australian Asphalt contracting Pty Ltd machine or hand laid asphalt is preferred one. Usually asphalt paving is done by the contractors using rollers, asphalt trucks, and other equipment needed for asphalt paving. And all the equipment that we use during asphalt laying are of finest quality.


Speed Humps & Dish Drains

For years we have been focusing in our every service and speed humps and dish drains are also among them. Most people find speed humps irritating. Speed humps and dish drain can increase noise and pollution because when cars do slow to traverse a hump, they generally accelerate again afterwards.


Coloured Asphalt

Every day Australian Asphalt Contracting Pty Ltd we strive to provide our customers with the best colored asphalt service with workmanship and materials that our industry has to offer. Customer satisfaction is how we measure our success. We put our full effort to make your any needs durable whether it is your car parks or driveways.


2/Coat Bitumen Sealing

2/ coat bitumen sealing is one of the premier service that we offer at Sydney and surrounding areas. We use only highest quality seal coating products require for the projects. We take time to make sure that proper preparation of your project is always done before applying any seal coating materials to your asphalt.


Decorative Stone Sealing

One of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry is decorative stone sealing. From exciting new concrete projects to stunning renovations, decorative concrete has become an attractive option. Stamped concrete, acid stains, dyes, exposed aggregate – the styles of decorative concrete are endless.


Top Soil, Road Base

The purpose of a good road pavement design is to effectively dissipate/spread the load from the tyre footprints of the vehicle over a wider area of the existing natural surface, so that the strength of the natural ground will be sufficient to carry the reduced loading without causing any type of failure.


Turfing Service

Australian Asphalt Contracting Pty Ltd, which deal with the turf installation and. Our professional turfing service is available as an alternative to our overseeding service. Our turfing service includes leveling, irrigation installed, drainage installed and lot more. We are ready to serve you with our best service.


Storm Water & Drainage

Storm water and drainage is designed to reduce the potential impact of new and existing developments with respect to surface water drainage discharges. You might be thinking of hiring asphalt service provider in Sydney and now you don’t need to be worry about it.


Civil Design & Excavation

As a progressive company and locally owned and operated business with over years of experience, Australian Asphalt contracting Pty Ltd we give huge emphasis on civil design and excavation . We are your one stop road and excavating contractors you can trust to get the job done!


Excavation Hire

From a small one day job for footings or trenching through to the monthly hire of a large excavator, our hire rates and the quality equipment will leave you pleasantly surprised at the benefits of hiring from us. From years we have been proving this service to make your work easy and fast.


Concrete & Timber Edging

Concrete & Timber Edgings are fairly common, as they are slightly cheaper to construct than a concrete bedded edging, but this cost saving has its own shortcomings, in that many timber edgings have a limited lifespan of 5-10 years. These are extremely durable available in range of colors.


All types of Concreting

Almost all residential homes utilize concrete in some form, and whether you’re renovating or building new, engaging the services of a professional will ensure that your concreting project looks as good as possible while fulfilling its function. We serve all types of concreting like asphalt, colored concrete, driveways & lot more.

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